For Added Protection that is Unmatched, Get CERBERUS!
  • Based on DayZero's signature-free detection technologies!
  • Stops Worms, Trojans and other Malware from Exploiting Your Computer!
  • Zero day solution finds newly created threats!
  • It Stops Self-Replicating Worms and other malware dead in their tracks!
  • You are in less danger of being victimized by Phishing!
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  • Your Computer is in less danger of being controlled in a bot network!
  • Reacts immediately to new malware, no need to download definition files!
  • How Badly Do I Need Cerberus?

    When the worst happens

    Cerberus may be the only solution

    To keeping you safe!

    Who Benefits From SigFree Cerberus?

    – Almost everyone can reap the benefits of Cerberus! In every walk of life, in whatever you do, Cerberus is a welcome addition to any other threat protection you may have. No matter how careful and safe a browser you are, you can fall victim to a phishing attack. Almost anyone may fall prey to malware attached to a known software program, image, flash, or video. Get the SigFree (signature-free) protection that can detect the bad software that others may miss.

    Home, Work & Education

    Be safer from phishing attacks & malware from detachable media like thumb drives 

    Anyone Who Travels

    Manage unknown threats from public networks and detachable devices 

    Windows XP Users

    No longer supported? Get the extra protection you need! 

    How Does SigFree Cerberus Work?

    DayZero’s SigFree technology works for you around the clock. It does not require your attention. SigFree Cerberus will quietly go about its business. The signature-free (hence SigFree) technologies cannot be fooled by malware that changes its fingerprint. It cannot be fooled by self mutating malware or malware variants that are issued by the malware authors. Even if malware is caught by other programs, it may have had a chance to change its identity. It may be programmed to strike again later. But SigFree technologies don’t care. They don’t require that fingerprint. They’ll detect the malware again and again even as it changes itself.

    Cerberus is Listening!

    Unique Smoke Signal Detection Contains The Danger Quickly 

    Then Takes Preventive Action!

    Proprietary & Adaptive ‘Contain and Relax’ Method Controls Malware Behaviour 

    Cerberus Analyzes and Acts!

    Persistent Pests and Malware are Quarantined Under Your Control