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When you click the “Purchase Your v1 license” or any buynow button, you will be redirected to Digital River’s eCommerce site. Digital River is a very reliable company who specializes in making software license transactions globally. Clicking buynow on DayZero means not having to worry about our site storing any of your personal financial information. This is simply because we never see it. Click buynow with the assurance that your are in safe hands with an experienced, global eCommerce vendor.

After clicking buynow, you should see the Digital River cart pre-loaded. The first thing to note is the eCommerce and Digital River names in the upper left corner. Directly below that, you can see that the site has been verified. It has been issued a certificate by GeoTrust.

You will also see a preloaded option to purchase an extended download. Keep in mind that DayZero already permits you to receive the key two additional times. However, to do this you must establish a user identity and a password with digital river.

You may want to purchase the extended download service from Digital River as it will allow you to retrieve your license key for two years. This can be a valuable benefit.

However, if you do not wish it, you should simply remove it from the the cart. You do this by clicking in the remove box for the extended download line item. Wait a couple of seconds and the cart will reload. The extended download price will be removed. The total will be revised without it.

Digital River also gives you the option to receive the program on CD.

After that, everything is as you know from any other online purchase. Even if you’ve never done this before, you will find it very easy. We offer quite a number payment options as well.

Remember that you are actually making the purchase from the eCommerce business of Digital River. You have access to our terms of sale and privacy policy as well as the license agreement on our site. At the bottom of the Digital River eCommerce page, you will also see links to their terms of sale and privacy policy.

Try the product first and make sure you are satisfied. You are not likely to see a quarantine until you have a major event. Then Cerberus will prove irreplaceable. And, as we are quite sure, you should find no interference with any other programs. Especially other threat protection programs that give you more general protection against known threats. Cerberus is a special signature-free, zero day program that gives you added protection against a number of the most dangerous threats.

Then buynow and enjoy your purchase!