We believe a successful attack by malware on Cerberus is unlikely. However, we will grow and adapt too!

We have not found any methods for malware to defeat Cerberus. Cerberus itself has several layers of protection. For security reasons, we do not discuss these layers openly. Cerberus’ only interaction with the malware is in examining and controlling its ability to communicate. In doing this, the malware cannot act upon Cerberus.

We have not been able to simulate this, but we can postulate an attack on Cerberus by malware designed to attack Cerberus. If any such attack should prove successful, the likely result would be to freeze the connection. If you should ever suspect that this happened, it is very simple. First, you are bound to realize his has happened. It would likely also freeze your computer or at least terminate your connection to the internet. Reboot your computer. On a reboot, Cerberus will reinitialize any connections required instantly. If this was a result of malware activity, since Cerberus is both proactive and adaptive, it is unlikely to occur twice in a row. On the reboot, Cerberus should start prior to the malware. The malware should then be contained by Cerberus the next time around.

To learn more about malware, see the Wikipedia article. You can also explore information on Computer Worms. The following figure is taken from the latter article.