Using Cerberus is so easy, hopefully, you won’t even know it’s there – we say hopefully since that means it’s only protecting you from adware and spyware and not something much, much more serious!

Simply install Cerberus and it will do all the work from that point. Cerberus will always be on alert in the background unless you intervene to pause its activity or make a selection from the UI. It’s so easy, Cerberus will instantly detect and monitor any attempt to communicate to the outside world from your computer, from any process running on your machine, no matter how brief its duration of activity. So, if you wish, simply let Cerberus run automatically and it will tell you if there is any need for your intervention, or if it quarantines a process due to its illegitimate activity. If you choose you can also open the easy to use User Interface (UI) for blow by blow activity. The User Interface is also used to make decisions of whether you wish to exempt certain processes or whether you wish to override a quarantine decision. These options are so easy they can be done in two clicks. For more on the User Interface, see the below, “Would You Walk Me Through the User Interface?”.