Nothing protects you from every item of malware.

Cerberus is designed specifically to prevent illegitimate outgoing messages from your computer. These messages may contain your personal information or they may be connections to other computers because your computer is being used in a bot network for someone else’s benefit, without your knowledge.

Since no means of threat protection is 100% guaranteed, it is always possible for malware to be installed on your computer despite the security programs you have protecting you. Malware continuously evolves and improves and today’s defenses only deal with threats after their existence and extent of their damage potential is known. So you need to be prepared for the situation where malware is installed on your computer either by being simply missed by your existing threat protection, through an error on the part of the person using the computer, or because the malware has gained accessed by attaching itself to a known and valid computer program you have chosen to install.

Cerberus specifically is designed to protect you from self-propagating and self-mutating malware which will typically be in the form of worms but also include some viruses. In doing so, it also has the beneficial effects of suppressing bot activity as well as adware, spyware and the over-ambitious gathering of marketing and browsing data.

Cerberus is advantaged by the fact that it is based on DayZero’s signature free technologies, meaning that it does not depend on someone else having identified malware after damage has occurred. It can protect you from brand new threats or threats that have self-mutated in order to take on a new, unknown identity – somewhat like a criminal changing their appearance so they can slip by security.

Cerberus does not scan all of the incoming communications. Cerberus is focused on what may have been planted on your computer that may be trying to steal your data or harm you in some other manner. In the future, DayZero will introduce other enhancements and other programs that take advantage of the constantly evolving signature free technology of DayZero for your additional protection. Also in the future, DayZero will use its signature-free technologies to scan and protect from incoming traffic.

Protection from incoming malware and detection of malware installed on your computer that is trying to complete a hostile mission are both necessary to protection. There are many signature based security programs that seek to protect you from incoming malware. Cerberus has been released by DayZero first as it fills a necessary function not fulfilled by other programs on the market at this time, at least not with the completeness or the signature-free techniques that Cerberus employs!