If a process is quarantined and you wish to give it a second or even third chance, you may want to open the UI and release it from quarantine. This can be done by you with two clicks. The second click is simply to save your action. No long waiting. No piles of superfluous information to dig through. It’s all laid out for you for your ease. Releasing such a piece of malware is not a danger with Cerberus. If it resumes illegitimate activity, it will simply be suppressed and possibly quarantined again anyway. However, today’s worms and self-propogating viruses are very devious and complex. They may be buried in a legitimate process and they may not resurface again or at least for some time. Since Cerberus is signature free, even if the malware changes its identity, Cerberus will identify it again as soon as it misbehaves again and take action.

A second situation is when you wish to exempt a program or process from being being scanned. For example, you may have a trusted program such as a very reliable updater which you don’t feel needs to be watched. You may exempt it from scrutiny by Cerberus. This will increase speed since you’ve removed an object from Cerberus’ scrutiny.

Thirdly, Cerberus has two other modes which you can set from the UI or from the system tray icon. The first is simulation. In this case, Cerberus will scan as normal but will only tell you what it is seeing. It will not take any action. The other mode is an “Off” position. You may stop Cerberus from scanning at all. We don’t know why you’d want to do this but it is there for your use if you wish.

And lastly, if you simply want to watch Cerberus as it routinely suppresses suspicious processes and then gives them a second, third and more chances to redeem themselves, you can do this via the UI.

It’s completely up to you! You can sit back effortlessly and let Cerberus do its job or you can participate at whatever level you wish!