We recommend you try the trial version available by free download.


You may download the trial version from either the DayZero or the Digital River eCommerce site and, at times, from Digital River partner sites. The trial version, when installed, and before insertion of a valid license key, contains the full version of Cerberus. You are given the opportunity to try the full version for two weeks. After that time you will need to purchase a license in order to have unrestricted access to Cerberus per the terms of your license.

Even if you are downloading additional copies without the intent of trying before buying, you will download this same version which will initially default to a trial. In this case, you will simply purchase a license through Digital River before or right after downloading. The Digital River shopping cart may be accessed from the DayZero site or directly from Cerberus after you have installed it.

As you are offered a free trial, whether you choose to try before buy or not, the license purchase is non-refundable.

Here are some locations that you can find download links

The footer to the Cerberus pages are a wealth of links to helpful information, including download and buy links in the third column:
There are a number of insightful slides throughout that all have a download link in their lower right hand corner:
And finally, the main points you see when you land on our Cerberus home page includes a download link – we’d like you to try it, we hope you’ll like it and find it useful and comforting.