The Purpose of SigFree Cerberus

There are many ways that malware becomes installed on your computer and existing defenses against their entrance are not perfect. Your own well-intentioned actions may allow malware to gain entrance or it may become attached to a normally trusted piece of software. And then there are phishing attacks which are becoming more and more successful, because the enticing come-ons that are used are becoming more and more believable and less obviously malicious. If you use a thumb drive, you may also inadvertently install malware on your machine that was unknowingly downloaded to the thumb drive, or any other type of removable media.

There is an important purpose of threat protection missing in many solutions today. There is too much focus on scanning what is incoming against large volumes of signatures.This often misses new and very dangerous malware. But, there is very little attention to detection of what is already on your computer. Detection of the malware that snuck through by both simple and advanced means. SigFree Cerberus solves this problem.

So, Cerberus’ purpose is as a guardian to detect malicious software which is attempting to make connections to the outside for other than legitimate purposes. It may be trying to send your data to outside sites, it may be trying to spread itself to other computers, or it may be a bot that someone is using in order to launch other attacks anonymously.