May I Use Other Types of Threat Protection at the Same Time as Cerberus?

Yes. We have not identified any interference between Cerberus and any other threat protection program. Nor any conflicts with any other program. In fact, since Cerberus is not meant to protect you from every single possible threat, but only the most dangerous, we would recommend that you use a typical anti-virus solution. A good example is Windows Security Essentials. Or, if you use Windows 8, Windows Defender. Or you may want to periodically take advantage of the free scans often offered by your internet service provider for added threat protection. This will aid in keeping your computer clean of any other types of malware.

SigFree Cerberus is a very self contained piece of software. You will hardly ever notice it unless you want to keep track of its every move. You have that ability if you want. You can leave the UI closed and you are protected. Or you can open the UI and have control over every little detail about how Cerberus handles threats. The program is listening to every connection that any process tries to make. Connections to anywhere. It is well connected, it knows every process on your machine. But at the same time, it runs in a way that you will hardly ever notice. It does not have any known conflict with any other program and is unlikely to do so.