The Try before Buy process.

DayZero apps are provided on a try before buy basis. You have the choice to download a free trial. We do recommend you try the product before committing to the purchase. Or, if you already know you wish to purchase a license or licenses, you will still want to download the try before buy copy for each computer and then purchase license keys.

You will also find the free trial link on the Cerberus Home as well as purchase license links to the latest versions of Cerberus. Or, if you want to start your free trial period now, just click Free Trial!

If you have any questions about the terms of sale, please click Terms and Conditions of Sale and Privacy Statement for a full description of our policies.


Your free trial is a terrific opportunity so be sure to take advantage of it. With SigFree Cerberus, this try before you buy feature is for 15 days. If you open the UI and click at the bottom left on “License”, you’ll always be able to see your current license status. This includes the number of days left in the case of a free trial period.

Be sure you are comfortable with your SigFree Cerberus. Remember, there will be notices of its activities in the bottom right corner of your screen. These are hardly noticeable. But, if for any reason, you do not care for them, it’s easy. Just close your UI and the notices will not appear either. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether the UI is open or not. SigFree Cerberus continues doing its job the same as always. The only difference is in how much you decide you want to see.

And don’t worry if you don’t experience SigFree Cerberus catching and quarantining real malware. If this happened often, you would be in trouble indeed. In fact, it is simply not a very frequent event. But even if a very dangerous worm or other malware is captured only once per year, it is well worth having SigFree Cerberus keeping guard over you. Only one time a year can save you from large losses and tremendous aggravation.

Remember, SigFree Cerberus doesn’t protect you from every possible threat, and you may not need it every minute of every day normally. but when you do need it, when disaster strikes, it may be the only solution to keeping you safe!

SigFree Cerberus is signature-free and very unique in that it is designed to protect against zero day attacks. Here’s a reference if you would like to learn more about zero day attacks.