DayZero’s signature-free technologies provide you with unique protection against zero day threats

Signature-free means just that, a technique that does not depend on signatures. There are two principal forms of signature-free techniques: those that help identify a smaller set of suspects for further analysis against known signatures and those whose principal function is to detect malware without a known signature at any step in the process. The former methods are beneficial in speeding the time of the detection analysis. The latter methods are designed to detect malware when it is first released, before it has done widespread harm. DayZero Systems’ signature-free technologies primarily fall in the latter category although some signature-free screening methods are used by DayZero where necessary to reduce the time when a process suspected of containing malware may be allowed to run.

Signatures cannot be defined until malware has been detected and damage has already been done. In some cases this is several days but in many cases it has been years. When malware mutates, and more and more malware is self-mutating, it must be found again and a new signature determined.

DayZero’s signature-free technologies reduce this exposure to loss of data and disruption of your normal use of your computer hardware through it ability to find malware when it first appears, at Zero Day or when it first appears, since DayZero does not rely on signatures.